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Internal Marketing 101

Introduction to the Power of Internal Marketing

As a business owner, you’re constantly asking “What can I do to get more clients?” You want to grow your business and increase your revenue. But what if we told you, you could do this without finding new clients? There is an often neglected resource within every business: your previous clients. Yes, you should always be seeking new business, but don’t underestimate the potential within past clients. They hold the key to increasing your revenue in a powerful way, and often with less effort than first time clients. The Power in Existing Clients What makes past clients so special? Because they worked with you before, they understand who you are, what you offer, and what it costs. You don’t have to pitch them your concept and spend time asking them what they need. You already know them! You only need to continue building the relationship. 12 Internal Marketing Strategies Here are a dozen ways you can start engaging with and getting repeat business from past clients. 1. Send thank you cards 2. Cultivate an exceptional experience so they will want to come back 3. Have a smooth onboarding system 4. Keep in contact with clients after their purchase 5. Ask for reviews 6. Note important events and send a card: birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. 7. If you have a physical location, make it attractive and comfortable 8. Have exceptional customer service for current clients 9. Ask for referrals 10. Updated them about newly released products or services 11. Suggest a similar product or upsell to attract new purchases 12. Personalize all communication: call them by name More than Returning Buyers Remember, your past clients are more than potential repeat buyers. They also hold the key to one of the most effective ways to receive new clients: word of mouth. Marketing is more than what happens on the outside: advertising, social media, your website. Never underestimate the power of internal marketing: creating great experiences, building relationships with your clients, and keeping them updated with new products and services they should buy. Did you enjoy the tips today? Do you have questions about how internal marketing can work for you? Let us know where you need help with your internal marketing.

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